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Almost all was basically both single (n=35) or even in stable dating with other people (n=28)

Almost all was basically both single (n=35) or even in stable dating with other people (n=28)

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The typical age of users inside our attempt was 25 years, having ages ranging from 20–39 ages (discover Desk step one ). More than one-third (n=31) of our take to had completed or was currently searching for a blog post-senior school qualification such as for instance a college or university education or degree, when you find yourself simply a little fraction (lower than 5) had not finished high-college. The others had done higher-university. 50 % of the players within our take to (n=40) were unemployed. Several were within the concurrent relationships which have women (n=8).

Desk 1

We together with questioned participants regarding their gender name, especially whenever they ‘experienced male or feminine.’ Half of (n=40) reported that they felt feminine or ‘similar to a woman’ and you will lots of informants within group (n=11) indicated that they used make-up and sporting a way that acceptance these to outwardly display its womanliness. 1 / 3 (n=24) reported that they ‘noticed masculine’, and you may in the you to-10th (n=12) reported that they ‘felt one another masculine and women.’ We therefore use the words ‘feminine-identifying’, ‘masculine-identifying’ and ‘both masculine and feminine-identifying’ to explain for every single classification, correspondingly. (more…)

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