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Privacy Policy

At YBO Trade Nepal, accessible from, one of our main priorities is the privacy of our visitors. This Privacy Policy document contains types of information that is collected and recorded by YBO Trade Nepal and how we use it.

Who we are?

YBO Trade Nepal is the Nepal’s first co-commerce platform headquartered at Banasthali-16, Kathmandu, Nepal. YBO only focuses at the organic, handmade, homemade products which are made in Nepal. All the products are made by Local Nepali People. YBO’s aim is to give an opportunities to Nepal’s Youths to do something inside our own country, build leadership, grow Nepal’s GDP and many more…… So, we all have to promote Nepali Products.. “Our Effort Is To Build Nepal By Satisfying Customers

Information we collect from you

We collect your some personal details like your Gmail, Phone Number, Address, User Name/ID. This data are collected to help you on your delivery and further contact with you. Your data/information are stored in our IT Department with strongly secured.

How we use your information

We use the information we collect in various ways, including to:

  • To make delivery easier.
  • To make contact with you if any error occur.
  • To count your BV or Reward points.
  • To provide you latest feature of website and application.
  • To send you mails.
  • To contact with you while delivery.
  • To make you updates about new features

We uses ‘cookies’. This cookies are used to store your some data for short period of time. This will help you to visit our website smoothly and helps you on any kinds of form submit faster and easier.

Advertising Partners Privacy Policies

We do not advertise/show any kinds of Advertisement/Ads on our website, But we only do our own products promotion in different ways. If any advertise displayed in our website and collect your data that will not be stored in our database (Note: This case are rarely seen)

Third Party Privacy Policy

We  have used different types of plugins to builds this website. That third party (plugins/software)  are not allowed to collect data/information form you. Their Privacy Policy would not affect to you.

Global Learning Infosys’s Registration Form

Global Learning Infosys’s registration form are hosted or published by YBO Trade Nepal and their website ( All the information collected from the form are stored on strong privacy. We use your data collected from form to join you on our community so you can learn and grow with us. All the data/information are privately secured. We use your gmail to provide you online webinar pass-code to helps you to join our class.

Online Webinar Pass-Code

Online Webinar Pass-Code are generated by our expert IT Staff under YBO Trade Nepal rules and regulations. We provide random Pass-Code to each user. If you collect or got more than 1 pass-code please contact with our IT Team (Gmail: or Head Office +977 15900704. Or you haven’t got any pass-code even after registering form you can contact with us. If anyone founded pass-code shared or misused they will be punished according to Company laws.




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