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Product Launching Event On YBO Head Office | 31st Jestha 2079

On 31/02/2079, YBO Trade Nepal is hosting an event. Mr. Dhirendra Jung Lama(CEO of YBO Trade Nepal) will be in charge of this event .

Mr. Dhirendra will be in charge of the event and handle all elements of trade promotion in order to assist you in carrying on a successful event. YBO Trade Nepal has always had a number of excellent guest contributors, including yourselves.

Every business understands the significance of customer marketing. After all, if consumers are unaware that your product exists, there’ll be no market demand for it, which means no sales. When it comes to marketing items to wholesalers, distributors, and retailers, however, many businesses fail to build effective strategies. 

The event of the following date is also to share the ideas of effective marketing and also to congratulate our hard working members with exciting gifts/prizes with the presence of managers, pre-managers, directors, CEO and the YBO Community staffs. 

We kindly request all YBO family members to have a special presence at the event on Jestha 31, 2079 (June 14, 2022) which will be held on our YBO Head Office premises. All members of the YBO family are cordially invited to attend our event.

Location: Head office of YBO (Banasthali-16, KTM).

Time: 12 noon onwards

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